RH Peterson Real Fyre Automatic Safety Pilot Kit with Remote, Natural Gas - APK-17

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  • Replacement fireplace valve
  • Manual on/pilot/off control with standing pilot
  • Automatic safety pilot kit
  • Designed for use with natural gas
  • SKU: APK-17

The APK-17 Safety Pilot and Remote Control Kit from Real Fyre provides a low-profile gas valve for use with your fire feature. The manual gas valve features On/Pilot/Off settings to provide simple operation of a fire feature by making use of a standing pilot--the pilot light must be manually lit and run continuously in order to ignite the burner. The servo valve design allows the use of an included remote control that allows Hi/Low variable flame height operation in addition to a simple On/Off control for added convenience. The straight-forward design and high-quality construction of this unit are backed by the Real Fyre brand which continues to provide some of the most innovative and realistic gas fire products in the industry. This unit has been designed for use with natural gas.

Part Number: APK-17

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