Peterson Real Fyre 24-inch Charred Oak Log Set With Vented Natural Gas G4 Burner - Match Light

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Style: Charred Oak
Burner: G4-24 Natural Gas
Fireplace Size: 24-Inch

  • Peterson Real Fyre gas logs are meticulously hand-painted to re-create the look of natural wood.
  • Superior refractory ceramic logs are reinforced with steel rods for greater integrity.
  • Efficient design helps preserve and protect natural resources.
  • Simple and proven single tube G4 burner produces an attractive dancing flame and eye-catching, glowing ember bed.
  • Peterson Real Fyre gas log sets are proudly made in the USA.

The outstanding craftsmanship of Real Fyre captures traditional quality with the natural realism of the 24-inch Charred Oak log set. Gas fireplace logs are convenient and easy to use for most gas fireplaces. Real Fyre artisans work from actual wood samples to carefully recreate the intricate bark detail and natural coloration of deeply charred wood. The hand-painted details are modeled from real-world samples, and the high definition bark enhances the natural wood look. The logs are crafted from superior refractory ceramics which provide radiant heat even after the burner has been turned off. Each log has a steel rod insert for maximum reinforcement, and the vented design means they burn efficiently to reduce pollution and protect natural resources. The Peterson Real Fyre 24-Inch Charred Oak Gas Log Set (CHD-24 + G4-24) includes 6 Gas Logs, Sand, Embers, and a Match Light G4 Burner. The burner has a single burner pipe that allows the flames to dance through the center of your log set and has a BTU output of 75,000 BTUs. This natural gas set features a match light system that uses your existing key valve and does not include a control valve. Includes a flex line for easy installation.

Part Number: CHD-24 + G4-24

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