Dimplex X-RLG20FC Fireplace - Electric Fireplaces | SKU RLG20FC

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1. Realistic Fresh Cut Log Insert: Experience the charm of a wood-burning fireplace with the lifelike fresh cut log insert, creating a cozy ambiance in your outdoor patio.
2. Powerful Heat Output: With a heat output of 5000 BTUs, this Dimplex fireplace provides ample warmth to keep you comfortable during chilly evenings.
3. Vent Free Design: Enjoy the convenience of a vent-free fireplace, eliminating the need for ventilation installation and allowing for easy placement anywhere in your outdoor space.
4. Corded for Easy Use: The DIMPLEX X-RLG20FC Fireplace comes with a corded design, ensuring hassle-free operation and easy access to power.
5. Freestanding Installation: This fireplace is designed for freestanding installation, allowing you to effortlessly incorporate it into your patio decor.


Create a cozy and inviting atmosphere in your outdoor patio with the Dimplex X-RLG20FC Fireplace. Crafted with a realistic fresh cut log insert, this freestanding electric fireplace adds a touch of charm and warmth to your outdoor space. With a powerful heat output of 5000 BTUs, it provides ample warmth to keep you comfortable during chilly evenings. The vent-free design eliminates the need for ventilation installation, making it easy to place anywhere in your patio. The corded design ensures hassle-free operation, and the freestanding installation allows for effortless incorporation into your patio decor. Bring the charm of a wood-burning fireplace to your outdoor oasis with the DIMPLEX X-RLG20FC Fireplace.

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