Bromic Tungsten Electric Outdoor Patio Heater, Infrared, 208V, Black, 4000W (SKU: BH0420034)

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  • Durable Design: Matte finish stainless-steel construction ensures reliable heating performance and long-lasting durability. (Short Description: Reliable and Durable Design)
  • Patented Performance: Superior wind resistance allows the heater to withstand outdoor elements, ensuring consistent heating performance. (Short Description: Superior Wind Resistance)
  • Unique Design: Honeycomb screen facilitates precise heat distribution, ensuring optimal warmth for your outdoor space. (Short Description: Precise Heat Distribution)
  • High-Quality Quartz Element: The thick steel coil housed in translucent fused quartz offers high-output heat for maximum comfort. (Short Description: High-Output Heat)
  • Precise Directional Heating: Easily adjust the heat coverage with a simple bracket adjustment, allowing you to target specific areas as needed. (Short Description: Adjustable Heat Coverage)


Enjoy reliable heating performance and durability with the Bromic Tungsten Electric Outdoor Patio Heater. This matte finish stainless-steel heater features a unique honeycomb screen for precise heat distribution. The high-quality quartz element provides high-output heat, while the adjustable bracket allows for precise directional heating. Perfect for outdoor spaces, this electric patio heater is built to withstand wind resistance and comes in a choice of corrosion-resistant black or white finishes.

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