Bromic Heating 44" Tungsten Smart-Heat Electric 2000W Radiant Infrared Patio Heater - BH0420030

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Heater Overview

  • Sleek contemporary styling with black high temperature ceramic coating over stainless steel
  • Single frosted infrared tube heating element emits a low intensity glow for subtle ambience
  • Perfect for residential and commercial installations especially under awnings, low ceilings and indoors
  • Compatible with switch, dimmer or smart control systems (not included)
  • Spectral reflector for excellent heat distribution

The 2000W Bromic Tungsten Electric Patio Heater combines stylish design with a state-of-the-art infrared radiant element to provide efficient directional heating for commercial and residential locations. The spectral reflector increases the heat output of the frosted infrared tube element, which reduces light emission and glare. The black high temperature ceramic coating enhances the sleek, modern lines while protecting the stainless steel heater for longer life. Includes brackets for mounting on wall or ceiling, with an adjustable angle to direct the heat where you want it. It can be installed to a simple on/off switch, dimmer or smart control system (not included). Perfect for low clearance installations (as close as 5" to combustible above) where a gas heater is not viable. The single element warms people within 64 square feet. Accessories include a ceiling pole (which can be cut to length) and a recess kit. Requires 230V to 240V.

Part Number: BH0420030
UPC: 9320688019073

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