Bromic Heating Dimmer Switch for Smart-Heat Electric Heaters, Wireless Dimmer Control with Remote - BH3130011-1

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Product Overview

  • Dimmer remote control of two single element electric heaters or one dual Element electric heater (up to total of 6000W)
  • Control up to two separate circuits remotely
  • Remote transmitter is portable or can be mounted on the wall
  • Controller is enclosed on a protective box
  • 100 foot range of transmitter

The Bromic Heating wireless dimmer controller for electric heaters provides the ability to dim heating output over a percentage gradient. The included 7-channel remote control transmitter has the ability to quickly reduce heating output to 25%, 50%, 75%, while also offering the ability to adjust output up/down in increments of 1%. one dimmer can control two single-element electric heaters (2000W, 2300W or 3000W) or one twin-element electric heater (4000W or 6000w)per unit. Dimensions: 9" in x 8" in.

Part Number: BH3130011-1
UPC: 9320688016911

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