ARG 40" Premier Freestanding Grill - RJC40A LP CK

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  • Stainless steel tube burners for even heat distribution: Enjoy consistent cooking results with the stainless steel tube burners.
  • Sure-Strike ignition for easy start-up: The sure-strike ignition system ensures a quick and reliable start every time.
  • Full width slide-out drip tray for easy cleaning: Keep your grill clean and maintain it easily with the full width slide-out drip tray.
  • Convertible fuel type for versatility: Easily switch between natural gas and propane with the field convertible fuel type.
  • Solid stainless steel cooking grids for durability: The solid stainless steel cooking grids are built to last and provide a premium grilling experience.


Elevate your outdoor grilling experience with the ARG 40" Premier Freestanding Grill. This grill features stainless steel tube burners, sure-strike ignition, a full width slide-out drip tray, and solid stainless steel cooking grids for exceptional performance. With a convertible fuel type, this grill offers versatility for your grilling needs. Enjoy the convenience and durability of the ARG 40" Premier Freestanding Grill for all your outdoor cooking adventures.

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