ALFA Futuro Gas Pizza Oven, Silver Black, FXFT-2P-MSB-U

Size: 2 Pizzas
Sale price$4,899.00


  • Package Contain:  Alfa Futuro Pizza Oven for Outdoor Kitchens, The compact Gas Pizza Oven in the Futuro Line by Alfa, Color: Silver Black
  • Fuel: Gas, Capacity: 2 & 4 Pizzas (option), 4.5lbs & 8.8lbs Bread, Hob: 28*16in & 32*24in respectively, Italian Design
  • Maximum temperature: 1000°F (500°C), Heating Time: 30 minutes
  • This Home Pizza Oven allows you to enjoy pizzas at home that are just as good as those made by your favorite restaurant.
  • This Gas Fired Italian Made Pizza Head-Liquid Propane Outdoor-Kitchen-ovens, Stainless Steel allows you to churn out a real Neapolitan pizza that is consistently well cooked, with reduced consumption in the comfort of your own garden.


The 2 Pizze oven from Alfa’s Futuro line stands out for its folded and entirely hand-crafted stainless steel arch. It reaches up to 1000°F in 30 minutes and cooks up to 2 pizzas in just 90 seconds. This Home Pizza Oven allows you to enjoy pizzas at home that are just as good as those made by your favorite restaurant. Making pizzas has never been easier: prepare the dough, use the toppings of your choice and the ALFA ovens Heat Genius™ technology will cook them to perfection every time! 

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